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Cosmetic dentistry

A partial tooth crown damage, discoloration, decay can be corrected by various methods, its originality, or to the more perfect.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening – at home or at surgery?

Nowadays nice and esthetic teeth are more and more required and essential for an enviable smile just like Hollywood stars’ smile. Therefore shiny and white teeth are essential!

Teeth whitening is a basically a simple procedure that can be done at home or at a dental surgery. In both cases you have to clean your teeth thoroughly first – that consists of removing and polishing.

The same agent is used for teeth whitening at home or at a dental surgery and the only difference is in concentration.

If you do it at home 

If teeth whitening is made at home, patients get a teeth whitening bar that is filled up with whitening material every time. After cleaning your teeth the bar is put on teeth for 30 minutes and after taking it off whitening substance is to be washed by a tooth brush. After use it is not recommended to have food or drinks or discoloring effect (coffee or tea etc. This is to be repeated for one or two weeks to reach a sufficient effect. There is a visible result lasting for appr. half a year.

If a dentist do it 

A dentist does teeth whitening at a dental surgery using hydrogen peroxide of 33 %. This substance cut painting molecules in dental enamel and changes the angle of refraction of light. Much whiter optical effect is caused by that. In such a case patients get gum protection due to the big concentration and agent activation is done by a teeth whitening lamp. The entire process lasts for about half an hour and its effect can be seen after two years if you care for hygiene of your teeth. Some dental sensibility can be experienced as post-complain, however, it passes after one week.


  At home At a surgery
Treatment period 1-2 weeks 1 occasion
Durability Half a year Two years
Advantage at home, more comfortable Quicker and more efficient



Tooth replacement made of plastic, porcelain, gold ceramics by a technician based on a print that is fixed finally in the prepared oral cavity. Plastic inlays are more durable options for plastic fillings for a longer period.

Tooth jewels

They can be put on teeth without any damage and they can be made of various substances (crystal, gold, zircon, or gem). They can glued on easily and it can be replaced in some minutes.
 Slyce tooth jewels are used more often because its relatively low price. These are stones between 1,8 and 2,5 mm of crystal or color blue.

Zirconium crowns

Zirconium-based crowns are the newest achievement of modern esthetic dentistry.

The strong but grey or gold metal structure of conventional metal ceramic crowns caused a lot of problems. Among others metal allergies occur more and more often or inappropriate esthetic effect can be also mentioned. Metal structure of conventional metal ceramic crowns do not transmit light so transparency of such crowns is different from natural teeth.

Structure of zirconium have been developed to solve such problems. Zirconium oxide is much stronger and less fragile than porcelain. Conventional porcelain covering crowns have a bending flexibility of 120 - 190 Mpa, the zirconium-oxide-based crowns have a bending flexibility of up to 1200 Mpa. (Bending flexibility of dental enamel is about 200).

Zirconium oxide is much stronger than metals. In addition, it has another excellent feature: it is completely tooth-colored! For that reason light is transmitted through such crowns perfectly so durable teeth replacements of brilliant natural effect can be made.

Due to strong structure if zirconium oxide is used not only sole crowns but longer bridges for teeth replacement can be also made.

Advantages of zirconium crowns are as follows:

  • completely free of metal so there is no metal allergy
  • it is stronger than metals, yet it is a ceramic structure of tooth-colored that transmit light
  • porcelain cover is a perfect imitation of natural enamel
  • it is really natural and of a completely esthetic effect
  • there is no grey gum edge
  • due to its string structure bridges can also be made
  • should preparation is needed so the original contour of teeth can be kept
  • gum inflammation or gum recession are not caused