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Please, feel free to contact us with questions!

1. Why go to Debrecen (Hungary) for dental services?

The dental service cost is less, but the quality not. Hungarian dentists are high-qualified, have a name for their skills, medical experience all over the world.

2. How much will I save if I have a dental treatment in Debrecen?

Before the treatment everybody takes part in a personal consultation, where we plan the personal treatment for you. Depends on this you can save up to 70% compared to prices in your country.

3. Will someone help me to organise my trip?

Yes, if you want it, we organise your travel and accommodation, book everything according to your instructions.

4. How will I get to Debrecen?

You arrive to Budapest by plain; our driver will welcome you at the airport and provide transfer to Debrecen. After the last treatment the driver takes you to the airport.

5. How long will the treatment take?

Depends on the kind of treatment, every patient stays as much as it is necessary.

6. How can people understand me in Hungary?

On our clinic our colleagues speak English and German languages. As Debrecen is a beloved touristic centre, in the hotels and almost everywhere English and German are spoken.

7. What kind of currency can I pay with?

Hungary’s official currency is forint, but you can pay with forint, euro or with credit card as well.

8. What can I spend my time during my stay with?

Debrecen is a thermal spa city, famous for its spa and wellness services. Our colleague will help you find the entertainment program that suits you the most.

9. What happens if something goes wrong with my treatment?

Our clinic provides guarantee for every dental treatment. In case of failure, our dentist will solve the problem.