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Full jaw restoration with 8-10 implants and a 12 unit bridge costs only £5,900!

Embarrassed of wearing dentures?

With EP Dent Smiling is easier than you think.

Everyone wish to smile with confidence and have a quality life. However, missing teeth or uncomfortable dentures can affect our social life.

Most of our patients were not suitable for conventional dental implant which made it impossible for them to replace their uncomfortable dentures or missing teeth with permanent ones.

They often experienced digestion problem, malnutrition, anxiety and many others which can be associated with missing teeth.

Unfortunately lack of confidence, dental phobia or the cost of dental treatment often prevent patients to address their dental problem. And over time, more and more of the jaw bone disintegrates until it becomes very difficult to place any dental restoration.

Thanks to the Swiss implant system (KOS, BCS, BOI implants) our experienced implantologists apply, EP Dent can help patients with significant bone loss to speak, eat and smile with confidence again.

What's the advantage of denture replacement with dental implants?

Improved self confidence and self esteem
No more uncomfortable dentures
Improved health and nutrition

How much can you save?

For example, a full top dentures replacement with 8-10 implants and a 12 unit bridge costs £14,500-£26,000 in UK while similar treatment at our clinic in Hungary is available for £5,900.

Our patients can save an average 50-70% off compare to the quotes they receive in the UK.

Why implant treatment is much cheaper in Hungary?

Our implantolgists specialise in the treatment you really need and the lower overheads in Hungary also make it possible to provide you with more affordable dental treatment without compromising the quality of the dental work.

Before Implant Treatment

Before Implant treatment

After day 5

Full top and bottom jaw restoration with 18 implants
and 2 whole arch bridges within 5 days.


Patients can pay with cash or by card (Visa,MasterCard) in either GBP, EUR or HUF.