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The prostheses we provide different types for you. Metal-ceramic crowns and bridges, plates and metal-free restorations and also undertake the preparation of full dentures.


Prosthetic dentistry includes each procedure wherein dental structures are made for patients in a dental laboratory. In general, prosthetic dentistry include not only replacement of a real tooth, namely for dental bridges, implantations or dentures but also replacement of a part of a tooth. For that reason dental crowns are also included such as zirconium crowns or inlays/onlays.

A dental crown is a small cap with which a dentist replaces the dental enamel of a tooth lost for any reason. Its function is to protect a tooth against any further harmful effects and restore the original shape of tooth. A well-made and well-closed crown is better and more durable as a filling made of a very big substance.

A bridge aims to replace one or more teeth and pillars of a bridge is two or more crowns. A bridge size is specified in parts.

A zirconium crown is the result of recent esthetic dentistry development. The biggest advantage is that it is as a real tooth of a better transparency so esthetically it is one of the best possibilities.