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Conservative stomatology

We offer complete dental care for you: sealant, fillings, deposits (inlays, onlays), root canal treatment


Removing a tooth is a trauma for patients. For that reason a dentist always tries to preserve a tooth. Today almost all the people has a tooth filling. Tooth fillings represent the basic part of dental treatments. Fillings can be made of cement, amalgam, plastic, porcelain or metal.
Making tooth fillings the features of teeth, dental conditions and patients’ requirements are considered.

Plastic fillings

White fillings are called esthetic fillings. At our dental hospital white fillings are made and our dentists do not make any tooth fillings of amalgam.
Plastic tooth fillings are the most common white fillings. They have materials of excellent quality and a color equal to teeth color. They can be made relatively fast during one visit. Amalgam fillings have been replaced by plastic fillings today. They can be made subject to certain conditions. They take more time and more careful work than amalgam. Based on experience their life span is not so long, it is in general 5 years .
Plastic or porcelain filling made by dental technician are more accurate than plastic fillings. These are made during two visits at dentist. They can be applied excellently for replacement of considerable gaps in set of teeth .

Porcelain fillings

They are called ceramic fillings or inlay/onlay. They have excellent esthetic effect. Modern fillings of good quality are made from pressed ceramics.
Plastic inlays are made similarly to ceramic inlays. They have a material of similarly good quality as porcelain. Actually, plastic is enriched by ceramic granules. Consequently it has an excellent wear resistance, however, it does not break as easily as ceramics does.
As conventional ceramics has disappeared in this field because of its fragility and pressed ceramics is very expensive, plastic inlays are more and more widespread. They can be made during two visit at dentist as ceramic fillings are produced by dental technician.

Tooth root treatments

Unfortunately, tooth root treatments are necessary interventions. If caries get to the inner part of teeth, namely dental pulp space tooth root treatments are needed. Tooth root treatments are often unforeseeable. Infection of dental pulp space or open dental pul space may be detected at a treatment despite the fact that patients do not have toothache. In such a case a treatment is needed otherwise strong toothache is possible after treatment.
In a tooth root treatment a dentist removes all the live issues from the inner part of tooth, cleans inside, files, in ither words extends then close it using medicine or a final root filling. 
Such a procedure requires considerable caution, attention and patience. Medicinal treatment of tooth may require several visits.
In general, the first visit is a bit awkward and time-consuming.
A tooth is anaesthetized, so treatment is not painful.