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Our clinics provide a minimum 3 year guarantee on medical treatment and restoration work and up to 5 years on implants.

Extent of Warranty:

In case of a failure of the laboratory works our clinics cover all necessary dental and laboratory costs to rectify the problem. In the unlikely case that you require more extensive work, we will carry out the remedial work at our clinic in Debrecen.

The clinics will bear the liability for such unforeseen circumstances. If there are unforeseen circumstances, such as root canal treatment and bridge building damages.

Invalidation or reduction of guarantee:

  • If patient fail to visit the dentist for a routine check-up at least once a year.
  • If oral hygiene is neglected by the patient.
  • If the dentist's instructions are not followed.
  • If further dental treatments are made with another dentist.
  • If removable restorations such as partial-, full dentures are not kept and maintained properly.
  • If gum tissue or teeth bone is naturally reducing.
  • If the patient is a smoker.
  • If the patient loses are gains a substantial amount of weight during a short period of time.
  • In case of accidental damage.
  • If there is general illness occurring that has negative effects on the dental condition. (i.e. diabetes, epilepsy, ostheoporosis, condition after x-rays or chemotherapy).
  • If the patient refuses to show up on the upcoming visits and does not follow the treatment time line.
  • If patient does not notify our clinic prior to exercising a guarantee
  • If treatments received have not been paid in full and all current accounts have not been honoured.

The Guarantee can not be invoked where the following circumstances apply:

  • allergies, gum, bone or tooth disease and deterioration and their consequences that become apparent after treatment and were not noticeable before intervention
  • damage caused by extreme stress (e.g. grinding or gripping teeth at night)
  • temporary dentures, crowns or bridges
  • bone grafting procedures (bone block, bone augmentation, sinus lift, bone from hip)
  • teeth-whitening procedures
  • the inappropriate selection of the colour and shape of the dental work by the patient (we always provide the opportunity for the patient to choose but we cannot ultimately take responsibility for the patient's choice)
  • travel and accommodation costs

If you have any problems that you believe are covered by guarantee, please contact our customer service staff to arrange a visit at one of our clinics. If you have questions in connection with the above mentioned, please contact us.